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Two Ways to Fight Terror & Protect Israel


 As you watch this video, you will hear from Shmuel Bowman, Director of Operation Lifeshield explaining two great needs of Israelis living near the Gaza border. They need more shelters to protect them from weekly rockets, and more firefighting trailers to be able to put out the fires in areas where firetrucks cannot go. Shmuel expressed his thanks to the ICEJ: “I want to say to the International Christian Embassy that you are real partners with us, every single day. When there is a crisis, and when there is not a crisis.”

Join us in continuing to partner with the Jewish people every single day here in Israel!


WFJ - The Impact of Israel's Rebirth




We are excited for this month’s WFJ issue and hope you will be, too. A key issue in our times and in the time up to our Lord’s coming is the battle for truth. Dr. Jürgen Bühler tackles this important issue head on, as he digs into the workings behind demonic deception and how to withstand the assault against biblical truth (pp. 4-6).

Israel’s rebirth seventy years ago sent shock waves through Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, who all chose different ways of reacting and adapting to Israel’s renewed existence. Read and learn about the separate paths each community chose (pp. 8-9).

The ICEJ is also excited to report on its new global prayer project, “The PrayerWave” (p. 10) and our new Cyrus Award, which has been given in connection with embassy openings in Jerusalem (pp. 14-15). Aliyah updates on Jews returning home to Israel and the important projects that the ICEJ oversees to comfort God’s people in the Land of Israel are also part of this issue. These projects include efforts such as scholarships for minorities and reaching out to youth at risk in Israel. We hope you enjoy this look into Israel and wish you a pleasant summer!

The ICEJ Media team here in Jerusalem has prepared a short video to get you excited to read the latest edition of the WFJ magazine!


A Family Reunion- Decades in the Making

ICEJ has the privilege of helping in the process of bringing God's people home from all parts of the globe. One especially unique group is that of Bnei Menashe, Jews from Northern India who were exiled from the Land of Israel centuries ago. We were able to capture the memorable moments as the families reunited at the airport, some of whom had not see each other in over ten years. Watch this video, and be inspired to be a part of many more of God's people coming home.

Donate to the great work of Aliyah today!

Bringing Hope to a Young Heart!


Many young people here in Israel are battling many obstacles that keep them from succeeding in school and society. Therefore, the ICEJ has partnered with an Israeli organization to help these young people overcome, so they can find a future and a hope.

Noya is one student who faced many discouragements in her life that almost kept her from finishing high school. Thankfully, Noya joined a program at her school that the ICEJ sponsors, and her life completely turned around for the good. Watch this video to hear more of Noya's story of hope.

Your generosity makes a difference and will bring hope to many young hearts!


Watch What God is Doing Here in Israel

A great way to stay in tune with what God is doing here in the Holy Land is by watching the ICEJ "Word From Jerusalem" anytime, anywhere! Subscribe to our Vimeo and Youtube channels or catch us on Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku!

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Resurrection Life at the Garden Tomb

 "But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you." (Romans 8:11) 

For many who attend the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles conference, the Garden Tomb Service is special time to worship, partake in communion with Christians from all across the globe and remember that Christ is risen from the dead.

Watch this video of powerful moments from last year's Garden Tomb service, and be inspired to come to Jerusalem this year's Feast of Tabernacles to experience Jesus in the place He rose from the grave! Register today at:

Seeking God as the Sun Rises!

As the sun rose on the historic day of May 14th, 2018, the day that marked the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and the international celebration of Israel's 70th anniversary, the ICEJ launched its global PrayerWave!

Watch this powerful video of the PrayerWave launch here in Jerusalem, and get excited about seeking our Heavenly Father in the morning as the day breaks!

Join this wave of prayer by going to and clicking "Join Today!"


The streets of Jerusalem resounded with singing as the Jewish people celebrated Jerusalem Day on Sunday May 13th, 2018. Israelis rejoice with singing as they remember the miracle God did 51 years ago in 1967 when Israel recaptured the city of Jerusalem reunifying the city. Many also rejoice as the United States and Guatemala moved their embassies here to Jerusalem this week!

Watch this video and take a walk through the streets of Jerusalem to see and hear the joyful singing of the Jewish people in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem!

You can be a part of this celebration by going to:

Filled With The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Acts 2:4 "All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them." (NIV)

This weekend marks the holy days of Pentecost and Shavuot, two of the most important holy days to Christians and Jews respectively. According to the rabbinical tradition, Shavuot is the day that marked God giving the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai. This was said to happen on the same day of Pentecost, which is the day the Holy Spirit was poured out on many and they all began to speak in tongues of different languages.

Enjoy this powerful encouragement from Dr. Juergen Buehler, and the reading of the word from our international staff in their native languages as we celebrate the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

Happy Pentecost and Shavout from the ICEJ to you and your family!

The Prayer Wave in Motion!

What would happen if every morning, wherever the sun rose, people began their day passionately seeking the heart of God in prayer? What would happen if this wave of prayer circled the earth, covering all 24 time zones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Several years ago, ICEJ President Jürgen Bühler had a vision that a wave of prayer encompassed the earth like a tsunami, bringing restoration and awakening throughout the nation of Israel and everywhere it went. This vision brought forth the Prayer Wave movement which is all about inspiring Christians around the globe to rise early to seek the heart of God by crying out to him in prayer for Israel, Jerusalem, the nations, as well as personal needs.

Watch this video to hear more about the powerful vision God gave to Jürgen Bühler that set the Prayer Wave into motion!

Join the PrayerWave today and witness God move waters into powerful waves that will impact Israel and the world with the Kingdom of Heaven! Join today!


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