Ethiopian Jews Celebrate First Passover in Israel

A Seder to Remember

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In 2018, the ICEJ partnered with the Jewish Agency to help new Olim from Ethiopia prepare for their first Passover Seder meal in Israel. A pre-Seder Passover meal was held at Charuv Absorption Center in Beersheva on March 20th, 2018 equipping the new Ethiopian Olim to celebrate the biblical feast of Passover.

This week, the ICEJ and Jewish Agency are hosting brand new Ethiopian Olim for another pre-Passover Seder educational meal celebration and providing them with supplies and special foods to hold their own Seder meals on Passover.

We invite you to watch highlights of this prophetic restoration and bless these new Olim as they celebrate their very first Passover Seder meal here in their promised land of Israel!

Bless Israel This Passover!


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