Fallout Continues from Netanyahu Indictment

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5 Mar 2019
Fallout Continues from Netanyahu Indictment
State Attorney Shai Nitzan issued a statement Sunday evening strongly pushing back against accusations that last weeks decision by the Attorney General to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption in three separate cases ahead of upcoming elections was politically motivated. “There is no basis for these claims,” Nitzan said. “The public’s right to know and other legal principles require [that we] act in such a way.” Meanwhile, the "Blue and White" party led by former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz issued a statement Tuesday following a rally Netanyahu held for Likud activits Monday evening in which he said that the only way to ensure a Right-wing government was to vote for Likud, since Gantz would be forced to form a coalition with Arab parties in order to have a majority.

“Netanyahu continues inciting and lying,” Blue and White said. “He is willing to say anything to distract from his investigations and indictments. He knows that in a year, he will be going to trial; he knows his time is up.”

Palestinian Authority Outraged at US Diplomatic Moves
The US State Department announced on Sunday that Monday morning would see the US Embassy in Jerusalem assuming the functions previously carried out by the US Consulate, which has primarily serviced Palestinians. “There will be complete continuity of US diplomatic activity and consular services during and after the merger,” according to the State Department. The statement added however that the change “does not signal a change of US policy on Jerusalem, the West Bank, or the Gaza Strip."

Sunday’s announcement was met by a statement by the Palestinian Authority and other Palestinian factions that the US has abdicated its role in mediating the decades-old conflict with Israel. Officials from the PA have refused to meet with US officials ever since the December 2017 announcement by the Trump Administration that the US Embassy would be moving to Jerusalem. Hanan Ashrawi, member of the PLO Executive Committee, condemned the merger of the US Consulate in Jerusalem and said it shows that Trump’s administration “is intent on leaving no room for doubt about its hostility towards the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights, as well as its abject disregard for international law and its obligations under the law.”

Northern Border Remains Tense
Reports emerged in Syrian media Sunday evening that the IDF had fired on the Druze town of Hader in the Syrian province of Quneitra, close to the border with the Golan Heights. Israeli officials had no comment in response to the reports, but in the past Israel has fired on positions in that area occupied by Iranian-backed terrorists groups.

Israel blesses the world
Nucleix, a medical technology company based in Rehovot, Israel, recently received approval by the European CE for Bladder EpiCheck, a process that drastically reduces the pain and expense for patients monitoring the aftereffects of bladder cancer. “Nucleix looks for fragments of DNA that are shed from tumors, and uses them to identify where they are coming from, and whether they are cancerous or not,” Nucleix CEO Dr. Opher Shapira told The Jerusalem Post, adding that the process is being adapted to screen for lung cancer as well. Elsewhere, researchers at Tel Aviv University recently announced a new blood test to detect genetic disorders in fetuses as early as 11 weeks into pregnancy.

Israel Responds to Terrorism in Jerusalem
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters at the start of a meeting with visiting Prime Minister of Samoa Malielegaoi that "This morning the IDF soldiers acted swiftly and killed the terrorists who threatened to run them over. We send wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded officer and will do everything to speed up the demolition of these murderers' homes, as we will do for the murderer of Ori Ansbacher.”

Jerusalem Lions Win Third Straight IFL Championship
The Jerusalem Lions (Gridiron) football team wrapped up their undefeated season on Friday by defeating the Petah Tikvah Troopers 29-26 to claim their third straight Israel Football League championship title. The game was enjoyed by approximately 500 fans who showed up to watch the contest despite cool weather and the threat of rain.

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