Sea of Galilee Rises As Rainy Weather Continues

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18 Feb 2019
Sea of Galilee Rises As Rainy Weather Continues
The skies above Jerusalem remained overcast on Monday morning following a weekend which saw rain falling in many parts of the country. The level of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) was reported on Monday to have risen four feet since the beginning of the rainy winter season in October, although the Water Authority cautioned that it is still as much as 16 feet below historic levels of what would be considered “full” and faith leaders throughout the Holy Land urged their followers to continue praying for more rain before the onset of summer.

Israel Katz Appointed Temporary Foreign Minister
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz as acting foreign minister for the duration of the current government on Sunday. The appointment is highly significant as Katz is highly popular within the faction and has strongly signaled his desire to lead the party when Netanyahu eventually departs the scene. 

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Nasrallah Issues Fiery Threats to Attack Israel
Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah, took part in “Martyrs Remembrance Day" events Saturday by giving a speech in which he said, among other things, that his troops are prepared to do battle with Israel. He also made reference to a recent report by IDF Ombudsman Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yitzhak Brick which cast serious doubts on the readiness of the IDF ground forces, saying that Israeli leaders "do not trust their army but we trust ours."

Jerusalem’s Old City Getting NIS 200 Million Facelift
Reports emerged over the weekend that the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City is about to get a massive NIS 200 million facelift, with repairs and improvements being made to a variety of sites in the neighborhood popular with locals and tourists alike. The project is being launched jointly by the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem and the office of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion. Funding is being provided by the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Jerusalem Ministry of Heritage.

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