First Fruit Offering

Feast of Sukkot is a time to give

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10 Jul 2016
First Fruit Offering
When the Jews went up to Jerusalem three times a year for the pilgrimage festivals, they were commanded to not appear before God empty-handed (Dt 16:16). Each feast was one of thanksgiving: For Israel to commemorate God’s provision during their history as a nation and in their personal lives by bringing a generous offering to Him. Even Paul the Apostle, who we know was in Jerusalem for these holidays (Acts 20:16), must have presented the gifts he collected from the churches across Greece and countries in Asia, to assist the poor among the saints in Jerusalem. 
I encourage you today to prayerfully consider a special contribution this year during the Feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles). As you come up to Jerusalem for the Feast, it is your opportunity to be a blessing to many here in the land. Bring a special offering to the Lord from your family, company, home group or even church, and dedicate it to the work that God wants to do in Israel. But even if you can’t be in Jerusalem personally, the Feast of Tabernacles is still a special opportunity to bless Israel. 
Also, I want to encourage you to send us your prayer requests before the Feast. Last year we brought more than 10,000 individual requests to the Lord. We know that God hears the prayers of His children, and we want to intercede on your behalf here in Jerusalem also this year.        
May the Lord bless you richly out of Zion!
Dr. Jürgen Bühler
ICEJ Executive Director
To give a special Feast of Tabernacles gift to our work in Israel, you can do it on our website:
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