Help Families in Israel Celebrate Passover

Turning our attention to those in need

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2 Mar 2016
Help Families in Israel Celebrate Passover
Poverty rates in Israel remain one of the highest in the developed world, and the income disparity among households is also among the highest in the Western world. Over 20% of Israeli society is living under the poverty line; in the Arab sector almost half of the population lives in poverty, and in the Haredi Orthodox community the numbers reach over 70%.
Expenses exceed income in the average Israeli household, partly due to a sharp rise in housing costs. Also, in the past decade food prices have risen as much as 50% for dairy products and 45% for breads, grains, and baked goods.  


Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics showed a disproportionate number of citizens living outside the workforce, stating that some one million Israelis were either chronically unemployed or employed in the lowest paying jobs, which contributed to their poverty.
The ICEJ has partnered with both the government and the Joint in an initiative to create employment services to resolve the unique barriers to the workforce and ease poverty within the following groups: Arab Israelis (primary focus), Immigrants (particularly from Ethiopia and Caucus Mountains), Israelis with disabilities, Haredim (religious Jews), and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. 


Every year as Passover approaches, we turn our attention to families in Israel who cannot make ends meet. Whether it is poor families with many children, new immigrants, single-parent homes or the elderly, we want to be there to help them celebrate these important holidays with joy and dignity.

During the holidays, families sit together at the table to enjoy a festive meal. However, not every family has the means to actually set their table with the traditional dishes. Thousands of families rely on donated food in order to celebrate the holidays. Passover is especially meaningful to Israelis; but more importantly, God gave specific instructions on how to celebrate the Passover Seder meal, which includes specific foods, or types of food Jewish families are required to have in order to adequately observe the holiday.

The ICEJ works with local social workers and spiritual leaders in the community to assure that we are reaching out to those who need our assistance the most. In the weeks leading up to Passover, we focus on providing food baskets and food coupons to families that cannot afford to prepare the Seder meal by their own means.

“Thank you from the bottom of our heart for standing with us for so many years,” Refael Ben Shitreet, the mayor of the city of Beit Shean, thanked the ICEJ and Christian supporters of Israel at the time of Passover last year. “We value your donations which enable the families to celebrate the festival in an honorable manner.”

We believe the holidays should be a time of plenty for all, but many suffer from serious lack. We want to make sure that again this year, as many families as possible can celebrate Passover with joy and gratefulness to God!  

Partner with the ICEJ and help Jewish families celebrate Passover this year as commanded in the Bible! 


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