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13 Jul 2016
ICEJ in Cuba and Spain
The newest ICEJ branch was just opened in Havana, Cuba, by International Director Juha Ketola this April. For decades, Cuba was hostile to Israel, and there are still no diplomatic relations between the two nations. Nevertheless this Communist country went through an evangelical revolution in the last few decades, along with many other Latin American countries, and it is estimated that over 200,000 residents of Cuba are now members of the Assemblies of God Church. 
The vast majority of evangelicals are supporters of Israel, and the inaugural ceremony of the ICEJ branch in Cuba was accompanied by a sea of Israeli flags‫.‬ Rev. Moises de Prada, the Vice-Superintendent of Assemblies of God (AOG) in Cuba, was appointed as the official ICEJ Representative. Prada became a senior pastor of a local church in Havana over a year ago, when the congregation was around 350 people. Today, the church has 1200 members and keeps growing! ‬‬‬
While in Cuba, Ketola also ministered in the city of Santa Carla and met with the staff of AOG head office, led by the Superintendent Rev. Eliseo Villar Acosta. In spite of the communist totalitarianism and dictatorship, evangelicals are boldly sharing their faith and standing with Israel. Christian communities in Cuba sing songs in Hebrew, perform Israeli dances, and most importantly, they fervently pray for Israel. 
Hand in hand with believers in Spain
In the Spring, the ICEJ International Director Juha Ketola was invited to minister at the 37th annual National Conference in Malaga, Spain, organized by Rev. Daniel Del Vecchio, the director of ICEA (Iglesias Crisitianas Evangelicas Apostolicas) and Asociacion Real (a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center). Vecchio, a missionary from USA to Spain for 50 years, under whose ministry Ketola got saved in the late 1970s, supports the mission of the ICEJ and welcomed our International Director with open arms and an open heart. 
Hundreds of People Rally in Prague to Support Israel 

Prague’s annual rally organized by the local branch of the ICEJ again gathered hundreds of Israel supporters, and focused on the subject: Fighting Antisemitism through Culture.
Ninety-year-old Holocaust survivor, Doris Grozdanovicova, shared her experience from the Terezin ghetto where she spent her teenage years. Doris spoke of hope, and the positive tone of her speech was emphasized by the release of hundreds of blue and white balloons - the colors of the State of Israel. 
“The existence of the State of Israel is the ultimate proof that Hitler did not succeed and a guarantee that no one will succeed with another genocidal plan against the Jewish nation,” remarked Mojmir Kallus, director of ICEJ-Czech Republic.
Deputy Chairman of the Senate, the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament, Premysl Sobotka, hosted the event in the beautiful Wallenstein Garden. In his speech, he said: “Unfortunately, we see that the Jews again do not feel safe in Germany, France or Sweden. To me, this is the political litmus test every European should heed… I want to hope that we can learn from history while it is not too late.”
Other dignitaries included Daniel Herman, government Minister of Culture, Adriana Krnacova, the Mayor of Prague, and the Israeli Ambassador Gary Koren.


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