Israeli youth meet Christian friends at ICEJ


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14 Jul 2016
Israeli youth meet Christian friends at ICEJ
The ICEJ headquarters in Jerusalem recently hosted a group of 25 students and teachers from Karmiel, who are supported by an educational program to help Israeli youth reach their full potential. By investing in their lives, the International Christian Embassy is investing in the future of Israel. 
Through the ICEJ-sponsored Touching the Horizon program, students visit the "Friends of Zion Museum," where they learn the stories of Christians who have stood with the Jewish people over the years, especially in the 20th century, and supported the modern-day State of Israel. Then they came to the ICEJ Head Office in Jerusalem, to meet the friends of Zion of today – the international staff and volunteers at the Christian Embassy.
As an ICEJ volunteer, I was privileged to address the group, sharing with them who I am and why I decided to come to Israel. I am convinced of God’s ongoing purpose for the Jews, and I see His hand and covenant-keeping nature in the regathering of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland. I believe in the Scriptural call to stand with God’s chosen people. I do not find it to be a burden, as I consider aligning with God’s plan to be a great privilege. The students said that in a world where anti-Semitism is on the rise again, they are encouraged that young people like myself choose to stand with Israel today.
The ICEJ currently funds several educational programs throughout Israel. Over the summer, the ICEJ will host five additional groups from different parts of Israel. The students left Jerusalem touched by the care and commitment of the global support, and they are encouraged to have met Christian friends in person!
You can be a part of this venture and similar educational projects by supporting the ICEJ Aid work in Israel. To send a gift, go to our website: 


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