Miracles in India

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12 Feb 2015
Miracles in India

In addition to being one of the largest countries in the world with one of the oldest civilizations, India is also the country with the largest number of mosques. In spite of a significant Islamic influence, this densely populated nation in Asia has been an important friend to Israel over the years, but not merely on a political level. Young Israelis often travel to India to get away, and in the past years a small minority of Jews in India, known as the Bnei Menashe, have been returning home to Israel.

The ICEJ has been actively involved with the church in India, and in November Pal Pedersen of ICEJ-Norway visited the local Body of Christ to encourage and teach Biblical perspective on Israel and God’s purposes for mankind. Pedersen’s extensive travels and multiple conferences organized by ICEJ leaders in India were a time of great fruit!

Pedersen came to India to meet with numerous pastors and Christian leaders who partner with ICEJ and want to see their country thrive for the Kingdom of God. He first arrived in Delhi, and after ministering to local pastors, he travelled to Punjab, where an ICEJ-sponsored conference was organized for Christian supporters of Israel in the region.

In the state of Chandigarh, Pedersen and Rev. Daniel Padma Rao, the Director of ICEJ-India, ministered to about 200 church pastors and leaders. Some of them heard messages on the calling of Israel for the first time in their lives and they made a commitment that their churches would pray regularly for God’s chosen nation. Another ICEJ conference brought together more pastors in Maharashtra, another state in India, many of whom experienced a miraculous, healing touch from the Lord!

Over the following days Pedersen and Padma Rao travelled to numerous states in India, preaching the Gospel, teaching them about the promises of God and His love for Israel. The city of Chennai in the state of Tamilnadu hosted an astounding conference, with nearly 3000 people in attendance! It seemed miraculous to see Israeli flags waving and hear the shofars in the middle of India at a Christian conference!

Rev. Padma Rao said the extensive trip around his home country with Pal Pedersen was a tremendous blessing to his people, and they are expecting a great increase in Christian support for Israel in India. The believers in the country were encouraged in their walk with their Savior, but now also dream of visiting Israel, the land of God’s people.

“We were able to preach the Gospel and show the importance of standing together with Israel and the Jewish people in these days,” said Rev. Padma Rao. “We also had very good conversations with the leaders [who] asked many questions about the ICEJ, about Israel and the situation in the Middle East.”

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