A natural monument of Christian love in Israel

Help us set up the Forest of Life!

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18 Jul 2016
A natural monument of Christian love in Israel
Approximately one third of Israel’s Holocaust Survivors are impoverished, struggling with illness, or living alone. After surviving the unimaginable horror of the Holocaust in the early years of their lives, today they worry that once they fade, so will the memory of them. “Will anyone remember us?” asked Benjamin, a Holocaust survivor, currently residing at the ICEJ-sponsored Haifa Home.

The ICEJ decided to establish the Forest of Life in the heart of Israel, in Jerusalem, to take a stand against oblivion. By donating a minimum of 500 USD, you support the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors and the ICEJ plants an olive tree in your name.

Why do we plant the trees?

The ICEJ-established Forest of Life is a natural monument to Holocaust survivors in the land of Israel. By planting trees, we make the desert bloom! A tree becomes a lasting testimony of Christian generosity. Olive trees are native to Jerusalem, and by reforesting the city we bring this land back to life! All proceeds will go to the Haifa Home, where the survivors receive the care and attention they need and deserve.

What is my part?

Your support is of vital importance as you help keep the Haifa Home in operation! As a sign of appreciation, your name* will be included on the Wall of Supporters in front of the Haifa Home. You will also receive an official certificate stating that a tree was planted in your name. 

*You may also choose to make the donation on behalf of a friend or relative, whose name you would like to honor or commemorate.

It already started!

Many national representatives of the ICEJ, as well as private donors from many countries took the initiative and have already supported this great cause. More than a hundred trees have already been planted in Jerusalem, while the financial support is improving the great operations of the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors.

Do not hesitate to enlarge the Forest of Life in Israel! 



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