Operation Lifeshield

ICEJ donates another bomb-shelter for southern Israel

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28 Feb 2013
Operation Lifeshield

In February, the Christian Embassy was able to donate yet another portable bomb-shelter to protect Israeli civilians in southern Israel against rocket attacks from Gaza. The ICEJ, its branches and network of supporters have now placed nearly 40 such life-saving shelters in the western Negev region through Operation Lifeshield. The latest bomb-shelter comes thanks to the generous donation of a German Christian couple along with other donors to ICEJ-Germany, headed by national director Gottfried Bühler. The shelter will be placed at a kindergarten in the city of Netivot, located just 14 kilometers from Gaza. Last year, more than 2,300 missiles and rockets were fired into Israel by terror militias in Gaza.

So please get involved in this ongoing relief effort by donating today to our “Israel in Crisis Fund”.

We also ask that you earnestly pray for the safety of innocent civilians on both sides, as well as for a resolution which will ensure that the Hamas rocket threat is finally removed from over southern Israel.

In addition, please speak out on Israel’s behalf to your local communities, media and government leaders, especially to stand with Israel’s right to defend its citizens.


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