Our mandate is to carry the truth

Christian leaders from 18 countries attend Envision Conference to enhance their ministry

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25 Apr 2017
Our mandate is to carry the truth

We encourage everyone to visit Israel and study the richness of history encompassed in this land and its people. More importantly, we encourage every believer to go much deeper in their journey of discovery, all the while holding the Word of God tightly in their hand.

To provide Christian leaders an opportunity to go far beyond what any tour can offer, the ICEJ initiated the annual Envision Conference for Pastors, held at the beginning of each year. This January, leaders of churches and ministries from around the world once again gathered in Jerusalem for an intensive and inspiring time of growth.

Dr. Jürgen Bühler, the President of the ICEJ, welcomed the attendees with a powerful message of hope, pointing to the goodness and sovereignty of God through his testimony of healing. Each day brought together an array of speakers, including local pastors of both Jewish and Arab backgrounds, to teach, answer questions and connect with attendees from around the world.

“We have been so blessed by the sound Biblical teachings delivered here,” said Jon Smith, a pastor from New Orleans in the USA, who came to Envision with his wife Elizabeth and seven leaders from their church. “We are bombarded with so much confusion in the media. Here in Jerusalem, we gained a whole new perspective.”

“Now we can put faces to the stories we’ve heard,” added Elizabeth, also a pastor. “So we ask, God, how can we help? What do You want us to do? People are eager to give support to what they understand. So, we want to bring these teachings back to our church!”

Pastor Anna Chen was very encouraged by the conference and was looking forward to sharing what she learned with other Chinese believers who, as she mentioned, share the same vision as the ICEJ. “We want to bring unity among believers, also in their support of Israel. We need [this conference] to take this vision further! Whatever we learn, will return to this land with blessing.”

The leaders were excited to network with likeminded individuals from other countries in attendance, and share valuable insight with one another following some unique features of the program. One of these activities was a visit to the Knesset – the Israeli Parliament – where Envision attendees were greeted by Knesset Member Robert Ilatov and Director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus Josh Reinstein.

“I was so honored to have been in that room,” said Shannon from the USA group. “It helped me understand how I can stand with Israel in my own community. I appreciated the mandate we were given, to carry the truth.”

The conference concluded with a gala banquet, featuring special guests Robert Stearns of Eagles Wings and his good friend, a Jewish Rabbi, who encouraged everyone present to walk in integrity and serve as ambassadors of truth about Israel and the Middle East.

The ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler, along with our partnering Israeli pastors, invite you to join the Envision Conference 2018. Experience a time of refreshment in the presence of the Holy Spirit, while standing in the chosen land of Israel. 


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