Our Mission is Compassion


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23 Feb 2016
Our Mission is Compassion
As the Lord regathers his people from around the world, the words of the prophet Isaiah point to a special calling for us in our day: “The sons of foreigners shall build up your walls, and their kings shall minister to you…” (Isaiah 60:10). In 2016, the ICEJ looks forward to a continued partnership with Israel in order to build up her walls through social initiatives that strengthen her people.
These initiatives impact every sector of Israeli society, offering life-changing opportunities for a better future through educational programs, vocational training courses, and mentorship towards employment. Through these efforts, we hope to help build a better future for the disadvantaged, youth at risk, new immigrants, and minorities; while also caring for holocaust survivors and providing immediate aid for crisis situations which arise.


Throughout the year, and across the land of Israel, ICEJ Aid represents you by channeling Christian compassion to those who need it most. Your generous gifts enable us to communicate to Israel in word and deed that she is not alone. Together let’s bless the Lord who is doing miracles in our day and who has given us the opportunity to participate in His wonderful works!
Have you considered coming to Israel in 2016 and allowing us to connect you and your Church family with the people of Israel? 
As you interact with the people through hands-on service projects, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the complex reality and the miraculous unfolding story of Israel. Compassionate, practical action by Christians in the land brings much-needed encouragement, while also fostering reconciliation, which breaks down barriers that have been built over centuries.   


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