Praying Effectively for the Middle East

ISAIAH 62 - knowing how to pray

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19 Jul 2016
Praying Effectively for the Middle East

Over recent years, the focus in the Middle East has been less on Israel but on Syria, the rise of ISIS, and the spread of that conflict to Iraq. Thanks to God the fears of many Israelis that the conflict might spill over into Israel has not happened. Instead, Israel’s borders have been quiet, and Israel has become a help for many of the victims of the various conflict by quietly giving humanitarian aid and medical assistance.

Let us thank God that Israel was so far protected and became a source of blessing in the midst of conflict. Pray with us that the situation remains quiet on Israel’s borders and that Israel can even increase its positive influence to its neighbouring states. (Ps 121)

Israel’s main troubles were a series of Palestinian attacks (mainly knife stabbings) in the streets of its cites. While these attacks do not represent an existential threat to Israel they instil fear in the lives of many Israelis and tourists. Over the last months the number of attacks however were significantly reduced.

Give thanks to God for the easing of tensions on the streets of Israel and continue to pray for complete peace on the streets of Jerusalem and all of Israel. Declare in faith God’s protection over Israel and its citizens, and pray that it will not affect in any way the Feast of Tabernacles. (Ps 60:18)

The Syria conflict has brought a new dynamic into the international arena. Europe is being flooded with millions of Syrian refugees, and ISIS recruits are staging terror attacks in European cities. In addition, Europe is shaken by the recent referendum of Britain to leave the European Union.

Please pray that all these shakings will bring revival for Europe and that the church in Europe will continue to rise to bless and stand with Israel. (Hag 1:6-9, Isa 60)

Over the past months, various peace initiatives have been re-circulated by the international community. Whether the French initiative from the European Union or the Initiative of the Arab league, the Israeli government has been sceptical on the various proposals as they are perceived as imposed from the outside with limited understanding of the real facts on the ground. In addition, none of the past initiatives lead to more peace but let to more violence and terror against Israel in spite of the many compromises Israel was willing to make.

Please pray for Israel’s government, and in particular for the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Pray for wisdom and understanding in the various international talks, and that the schemes of the enemy who seeks to destroy and destabilize the State of Israel might be uncovered. Pray that Israel’s leader might achieve true and just stability that will honour God’s purposes for the region and will benefit all its inhabitants. (1Tim 2:1-4; Isa 32:14-19)

Join the Isaiah 62 initiative of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem as we corporately pray for Jerusalem, the nation of Israel, and the Middle East:

1.      Join as an individual prayer warrior.

2.      Begin an Isaiah 62 prayer group in your community.

3.      Join us in fasting and praying on behalf of Israel every month.


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