Russian Churches Embracing Israel

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10 Jan 2016
Russian Churches Embracing Israel

The ICEJ recently participated in the largest pro-Israel Christian conference ever held in Russia, with over 400 pastors representing church networks from across the vast country convening in Moscow to hear biblical teachings on Israel’s restoration.

All the major Evangelical denominations were present at the conference, representing some three million Russian Evangelical believers. The gathering was convened by a forum of the leading Protestant bishops of Russia as part of their efforts over recent years to engage in dialogue with the local Jewish community and to learn more about our calling to support Israel.

The ICEJ delegation included David Parsons of the Jerusalem staff, who was a keynote speaker; ICEJ-Russia national director Howard Flower and his wife Elena; violinist Serguei Popov, who now serves as a special ICEJ liaison to the Central Asian republics; and Pastor Elena Ereemeva and her husband Victor, who organise a large delegation of Russian pilgrims to attend the Feast of Tabernacles every year in Jerusalem.

The conference opened with a special joint service with the Jewish community in the Moscow Memorial Synagogue at Russia’s WII memorial. Among the guests were the Orthodox Chief Rabbi of Russia Adolf Shayevich, Jewish Agency representative Bilana Shahkar, and Russian parliamentarian Alla Gerber. Many of the Russian pastors touched the hearts of the Jewish audience with their testimonies of how God has opened their eyes concerning Israel in recent years.


Saving Lives in Ukraine

By Serguei Popov

As winter set in at the start of 2016, with the civil war continuing and economy struggling, the situation in Ukraine remains difficult. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is dedicated to helping the Jewish families escape these conditions and get them on their journey to the land of their fathers – to Israel.

In December, ICEJ workers on the ground in Ukraine assisted Vladimir Z. and his family make this important move.

“It is very difficult to say why we decided to go now, and not before,” shared Vladimir. “We always knew about possibility to immigrate to Israel… like hundreds of other Jewish people, we were rooted in one place, and it’s very difficult to change everything.”

Vladimir’s brother moved to Israel 12 years ago. Now battling cancer, he is not able to visit his relatives in Ukraine, so they decided it was their turn to come to him. “We were supposed to move to Israel in May 2015, but like many other Jewish families, we faced bureaucratic challenges,” Vladimir said of their journey. “We went through three courts, and finally we are moving now, in the end of December.”

The whole family is now safely in Israel, but many more families like them await a similar process. Your help is crucial at this time of need! Donate to our Ukrainian Aliyah fund, to bring these Jewish families home!


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