There is another way!


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14 Jul 2016
There is another way!
“We believe in living together in harmony,” said Salim Jaber, Mayor of Abu Gosh, an Arab village just outside Jerusalem. “In spite of the political pressures, we can create a new generation that will choose a different way – to live peacefully.”
Mayor Jaber speaks for more than himself. Teachers from his town, in partnership with educators and officials from the neighbouring, predominantly Jewish town of Mevaseret Tzion, joined hands in a project that strives to shape the worldviews of a new generation of Jewish and Arab Israelis. To move forward, they called on the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem to back them up. 
Selected schools from both towns engage in a broad spectrum of endeavours in the area of art, music and sports, where the students begin to see each other as teammates and partners, rather than enemies. The entire program is bilingual, but it allows the students to put their languages – Hebrew and Arabic - aside, as sports and arts become a language of its own. 
“Our vision is for every child in Israel to go through this experience,” said Omer Beziony, the manager of the project. “There is a vacuum in the society, because every ethnic group follows a different school system.”
The schools are the agents of change. The initiative was able to get off the ground because of the involvement of the teachers, but also the parents and city representatives. As the ICEJ, we believe that enabling the Israeli youth to work together is the best way to combat prejudices and fear between different groups in society.
You can be a part of this venture and similar educational projects by supporting the ICEJ Aid work in Israel.


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