Update on Fire Victims in Haifa


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25 Nov 2016
Update on Fire Victims in Haifa
While dangerous wildfires are still being battled all across Israel this Friday, the raging fires which swept through the city of Haifa yesterday are largely under control now. Most of the 70,000 Haifa residents forced to evacuate their neighborhoods on Thursday are being allowed to return, but many will come home to disaster as more than 700 houses were damaged or destroyed by flames.
The ICEJ’s Home for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa opened its doors overnight to accommodate an extra 27 elderly people who had to flee their homes. Dozens of others came just for the day, seeking a safe shelter and hot meal before moving on to stay with relatives or friends. Most of these evacuees were themselves Holocaust survivors. Many did not know about our home beforehand but felt very welcomed and relieved when they arrived. An ICEJ AID team was there to give assistance and calm nerves. A doctor and nurse also were on hand to treat those suffering from exhaustion and high blood pressure. Many were allowed to return to their homes today, but 17 guests will stay over the Shabbat weekend before going home. Sadly, several will need longer term solutions as their homes and apartments were badly damaged or destroyed.
Thanks to your generosity, the Christian Embassy was able to spring into action yesterday with emergency care for many others as well. We purchased 180 foldable beds which were used at the Haifa Home and several other shelters across the city to accommodate evacuees. Many are still in these shelters and face uncertainty since they now have no place to call home. They had to flee quickly, with so little in their hands, and now that is all they have left. So continue to lift them up in prayer.
And please continue to open your hearts to their needs. Give generously to our Israel Disaster Relief Fund.
Thank you again for responding so quickly to these urgent needs!


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