Your window to Israel


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11 Jul 2016
Your window to Israel
When ICEJ TV was launched in 2012, it was a tremendous step of faith. With powerful stories, a small staff and little experience, the ICEJ ventured on a journey to bring the nations closer to Israel – through their TV and computer screens. 
Today ICEJ TV is a name you can trust. The rich collection of reports, interviews, short documentaries and appeals have traveled the world far and wide, showing what God is doing in Israel and how Christian love is impacting the Jewish people. Under the leadership of Ray Ramirez, ICEJ’s Creative Director, video production became a key part of ICEJ’s communication ministry.
In pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement, the leadership of ICEJ decided to expand the video team. At the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles, seasoned TV producer Amanda Joy Gross joined the staff of ICEJ and brought to Jerusalem her enthusiasm, expertise and, most importantly, her great faith in what God can do with willing hands. 
When Gross visited Israel back in 2012, she felt God opening a new direction to her life. While praying at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem she had a memorable experience with the Lord, remembering how at the age of 12 she prayed, ‘Here I am send me’, willing to serve God anywhere He placed her. 
“I was loving my time in Israel and could even see myself living there one day, but I couldn't figure out how it could all work. It brought me to this moment of surrender, making a commitment to the Lord again with the words: ‘Here I am send me’,” Gross recalled. 
At the time, her Christian TV programs were broadcast into every nation, but she missed the experience of personally visiting these nations. “That's when I heard Him say ‘I'll keep sending you if you keep being available.’ So I returned to the USA with a new mindset: To be available for when Jesus would open this door.” 
Today, Gross says living and working in Jerusalem is a daily reminder that God is faithful – to His Word, to His promises and to us, personally. 
The work of ICEJ TV is constantly expanding and we want to partner with you! Whether with your talents or your finances, you can support this work. Connect with us through the ICEJ TV website


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